Franchise and Career Transition Consulting Firm 

Franchise Experts for Executives specializing in alternative streams of income.

We help you create a strategy to efficiently search for franchise brands that match your skills and meet your goals.

Franchise Investment Consulting Group

If you are considering chasing your dream of self-employment, then you’ve come to the right place. At BPD Consulting Group, we know how critical this step is to you and your family. That’s why we are here to help with your search for a business that would meet your goals.

BPD Consulting Group
BPD Consulting Group

Proud Partners

We are proud partners of International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG.) Together, we research and track hundreds of franchise systems that span a multitude of industry sectors giving clients an array of options.

Multi-unit owners control more than 50% of all franchise units. Sophisticated, motivated, and financially sound executives continue to invest and diversify.

Skills & Programs

Our program is custom tailored to the unique characteristics of each candidate.  The real difference comes from taking the time to learn about an individuals motivation of why they are looking for a business and what they are looking to get out of ownership.

Years of experience have sharpened your general business skills. These same transferrable skills you have acquired can be highly effective in applications you may not have considered.

BPD Consulting Group

Franchise Ownership

We help you achieve a successful transition out of the corporate workforce and into business ownership. The crux lies in careful execution while still employed. The results can be attained via franchise ownership.

Client Testimonial

Feedback from my client Brian

Brian and I spent quality time together building a profile that would lead us to business models that would leverage his strengths and reach his goals.

My time is spent learning about clients. I respect their time and keep the conversations fluid and informative. The goal is to help clients reach a conclusion.

Of course not all clients become business owners. Yet, they will walk away with more knowledge and insight that could be used if they ever choose to revisit the idea of franchise ownership in the future.

My door is always open.