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BPD Consulting Group

Our company is a Member of the International Franchise Professionals Group. We will bring a host of resources to assist you in your search. When you work with a professionally trained franchise consultant, you are tapping into a professional who has a process in place to help you succeed in your search for the right business.

BPD Consulting Group was created with the sole purpose of assisting people that are seeking a profound change in their career and lifestyle. This change is now popularized as the term: Career Transition. These are people that are considering a radical change in their perceived career trajectory by becoming business owners.

Regardless of their underlying motivations…. whether a lack of professional gratification, overall desire for self-sufficiency, an ambition to create a business vehicle for themselves or family, diversification of revenue streams, or simply just wanting more control… I assist in their discovery process of determining if business ownership is right for them.

We find the most effective approach to finding the right franchise is a methodical one. Chasing information and scouring the internet is a most ineffective approach. Instead, together, we take a step backward in order to identify what they value and want their life to look like. Then we begin the process of looking at opportunities that should have a strong potential to meet their life targets.

Transitioning to business ownership will be one of the most momentous decisions you will make. This is about learning, not about buying. We provide clients an important education on the process that allows them to make informed, not emotional decisions.


This is a fairly accurate depiction of collateral damage resulting from a strategic shifts in staffing practices of companies. Shifts go by many terms: layoffs, downsizing, reduction in force, right-sizing, outsourcing, cost cutting, etc…  I made the ultimate decision and did not return to the business line that I spent nearly 17 years performing in. I believed there was a better life.

While my departure from corporate life was not my choice, my decision not to return was purely mine. I spent a couple months kicking tires on ideas until I realized that I didn’t have any great ones. I needed direction. This when I started researching franchise opportunities. Probing websites, I found this did nothing more that trigger sequences of emails and phone calls that I was not prepared for. It was my mistake for opening the floodgate of letting people know I was interested without having a definitive plan of action.

After too many emails and dialogue chasing ideas that were never going to fit with what I desired for my future, I finally found the franchise opportunity that I sought.

I believe I can help you.