3 Words: Plan For The Next Chapter In Your Life

Like most people, you probably have dreams and aspirations for your personal and professional life. Ambitions can easily fall to the wayside when life gets in the way, our plates become overly full, and procrastination rears its ugly head. Don’t give in to procrastination or the temptation to dream forever without ever bringing those dreams to fruition.

Start by understanding your WHAT, your WHY, and your HOW. What do you want to get out of life, why is that your dream, and how will you accomplish it? When you break your life’s goals down into these three easy-to-understand chunks, it becomes easier to create a goal and a workable plan.

1. What

What do you want from your life? One of the best ways to determine this is to think about what you want the end of your life to look like. A stellar executive career may be the desired outcome for some, while building a successful company may be the right answer for others. That varies greatly from person to person, and is something you should give a lot of thought to.

2. Why

Just as everyone’s aspirations are different, so are their reasons. Jet-setting around the world, providing your children with the best education possible, purchasing your dream home, enjoying lavish vacations, giving prodigiously to charity – what are YOUR reasons for wanting to build a life of your own choosing?

3. How

Now that you understand your personal WHAT and WHY, start developing a plan for getting there. Outlining and setting these goals is vitally important because goals give you a sense of purpose, and a viable, step-by-step plan for getting from Point-A to Point-B.

The next chapter of your life is coming. Being prepared for it not only makes it easier to navigate, it gives you aspirations and makes building a positive future exciting by giving you something to look forward to and a clear plan to get there.

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