Complacency In The World Of Business Is Not Acceptable

Not only business, but everyday life is moving at an ever increasing speed. From shopping to ordering food to closing deals to making presentations to communicating around the world, the digital age has changed the world of business forever. That means there is absolutely no room in the world of business for procrastination or complacency. It also means that colleagues, clients, and bosses are accustomed to having more done in less time than ever before. Procrastination, then, become time wasting for colleagues and self-sabotaging for you.

Self Sabotage

Self-sabotaging via procrastination is not only annoying, it can and will cost you your hard-earned business. Why? Because chronic idling tells others that you haven’t fully committed to your career, company, or clients. It also indicates that you simply are not the right person for the job at hand, that you do not know what to do or how to establish or prioritize appropriate next steps. Additionally, complacency is indicative of an inability to understand time management.

Simply put, whether you’re a franchisee, work in the corporate world, or are engineering a startup, you cannot afford to be complacent in business. Period. Why? Because business is all about taking calculated risks, and procrastination clearly states an unwillingness to do so. It also leaves the impression that you are unable to delegate to, or engage with, employees.


Complacency will cause you to fall behind on more than daily business and company tasks. It will cause you to fall behind the times, lose market share, alienate existing and potential customers, and lose sight of technological advances. Instead of falling into complacency’s trap, look for techniques to overcome it and set goals that hold you accountable to professional timelines, goals achievements, and workplace progression. Combat complacency by learning to celebrate small successes, enhance personal development, look for, and implement, new and innovative ideas, and stay up-to-date on changing trends in your chosen industry.

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