Video Guide

A Video Guide of Our Process

Our process allows clients to explore franchise opportunities with both efficiency and confidentiality.​

We find that people are much more comfortable if they understand the process of searching for the right franchise well before they even start. This is the main reason why were have created this series of short videos. We want you to be prepared for your journey.

BPD Consulting Group

Working With Us Starting the Franchise Exploration

Our process starts with a 15 minute introduction. The main goal is to understand your motivations for wanting to own a business.

Research, Presentation and Introductions

We dive into your background and find the best business opportunities that can leverage your skills in order to reach your personal, as well as financial goals. We make introductions on your behalf.

The FDD, Due Diligence and Validation

Your research begins. This is when when you begin to ask in depth questions as you begin to the learn the intricacies of individual business models. Expect us to provide guidance as you determine if a brand is right for you.

Legal Review, Discovery Day and Decision Time

Your finish line awaits. Have you found a great opportunity and are ready to complete your due diligence? We will guide your through the final stages of making your ultimate decision.


There may be no free lunch in life, but a consultation with BPD Consulting Group will never cost you anything. We can add  great value to your search, give you the information that you need to control your franchise search, and by extension, your future. We often hear the following questions about our Free Consultations:

What kind of lending programs can I tap into?

  • Small Business Administration Loans
  • Funding from private lending institutions
  • 401k lending WITHOUT early withdrawal fees
  • Using your non-IRA investments as collateral for funding
  • Taking advantage of equipment leasing programs that can reduce your overall start up costs
  • Unsecured lines of credit

We work with hundreds of Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities and even existing businesses for sale. These businesses use our services to help find qualified and educated buyers. Just as employers pay “Head Hunters” or employee placements agencies for finding them the right candidates, these companies pay us directly for helping them find the right franchisees. While our services can be invaluable, you’ll never pay anything to us, or anything additional for taking advantage of our Free Consultation.​

The Franchisors, Licensing and Business Opportunities that we work with understand that when we introduce a client to them, they’ve been educated about their offering. In short, they use our services to find qualified candidates who understand their business model and who have a strong understanding of their own skills.

If at any time, and for any reason, you realize that you aren’t ready to pursue your dream, simply tell us and we’ll wish you luck. Not everyone should own their own business, so if you–or we–discover that you may be better suited doing something else, the process can stop or simply be put on hold.

BUT - You may find out that the Franchises that you like may not be able to meet your goals. This is why receiving help from a trained professional can streamline your search. We have direct access to hundreds of opportunities. We prepare clients with an education about business ownership. In short, we can save you a lot of time and energy while getting you in front of the right people.

Everyone is a little different, but in general the initial call can take 15 minutes to determine if we should work together. If we proceed, expect additional follow up meetings that may last 45 minutes to a hour. In any case, there is never a fee and when completed, you’ll have a much better understanding of what contributes to a successful business venture.