Job security never existed, despite the fact that corporations want you to think it does.

80-85% of new franchise owners are people just like you, professionals who are contemplating a career transition and may want to own their own business.

15-20% of new franchise owners keep their current job while beginning a business on the side, building equity and monthly income. All the while, defending against an untimely exit.

Your numerous years of hard work may ultimately result in a pink slip. That spigot may dry up at any time and you might not be prepared. Consider building an asset and equity. Don’t just hope for corporate goodwill.

A franchise is simply a style of small business ownership. You own your own business will executing another’s business plan. Would you sacrifice some creativity for a faster ramp up?  

Many people are trapped in Corporate America. Frustration is building. These workers are looking to:

  • Gain control they never had
  • Rid themselves of the office politics
  • Regain a higher quality of life or purpose
  • Play to their strengths, not what a job dictates.
  • Carve their destiny
  • Begin diversifying your revenue stream

"invest in yourself"

Corporate careers are finite and continually shorter in duration. Why not learn the basics of a wealth building strategy few investors understand, therefore rarely consider?

Brennan Davis, CFC

Career Transition Consulting
BPD Consulting Group

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