Kick Procrastination To The Curb

At any given point in time, most people procrastinate about something. Idling, if given in to, can easily take over your life. Getting out of the habit of procrastination, though, can be much easier said than done – but it’s definitely doable. The key is understanding why we put things off in the first place. There are three main reasons that happens:

  • Fear of Failure: Fear of failure stops many people in their tracks. Disappointing yourself and others are valid reasons for fear, but they should not become commonplace reasons for coming to a personal, mental, or professional standstill.
  • Fear of Success: Fear of success may seem like an odd reason for chronic procrastination, but it is. That happens because success leads to greater expectations, and higher demands for increased performance typically take us right back to the fear of failure.
  • Plain Old Laziness: Laziness plagues all of us at varying times, and while it is sometimes well-earned, it can be detrimental when it becomes a lifestyle. It’s one of the worst aspects of procrastination because it can be the most difficult to overcome.

How Do You Kick Procrastination Triggers To The Curb?

Fear of failure can be overcome by realizing that everyone fails at one time or another, that no one is perfect, that no one expects perfection from you, and by embracing the age-old adage “nothing beats a failure but a try.” Go ahead and take the leap. Everyone from friends to family to colleagues to your boss, will appreciate your efforts. Similarly, the fear of success is overcome with the same principles and realizations. It also helps to realize that one level of success should be a catalyst, not a detriment, to greater degrees of success.

Combat laziness by making it hard on yourself to fall into complacency. Break tasks into manageable chunks and reward yourself for each completed task. That first taste of success and sense of personal and professional accomplishment may be all you need to get rid of laziness once and for all.

If you’re ready to increase your level of productivity, embrace the best parts of life you’ve kept waiting. Learn to master productivity. You’ll love the empowerment that replaces complacency.

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