Social Media for Franchises

Small business owners need to embrace social media. If the owner isn’t proficient, there are plenty of professionals that can help you customize your presence.

Why Business Owners MUST Embrace Social Media

Social media has become the go-to word-of-mouth mechanism of the digital age. While social media may have originally been established to connect family and friends, it has evolved into a small business force to be reckoned with. Businesses of all sizes can leverage social media to expand their market share and increase their profits. Here are just a few of the reasons social media should play a significant role in your business’s marketing strategy.

Social media is here to stay and is always evolving. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media channels are not going anywhere. New social media channels are constantly in the works. The reason that’s good news for small business owners is because the evolution of social media does a portion of your market segmentation for you. That means you can reach one segment of your target market with fun, witty tweets and reach a more professional segment on LinkedIn.

Social media increases engagement with your target market. Sharing short bursts of useful content, encouraging readers to participate in online polls and contests, and asking open-ended questions that invite replies to your blog posts are strategic ways to engage with your ideal clients. Those polls and online surveys make social media the best way to hit your target market to tell you three important things:

  • What problem you can solve for them
  • How much they’re willing to pay for that solution
  • When they’ll be ready to purchase

In addition to smart SEO-optimization, social media is also an ideal way to drive traffic to your website. Small business owners need to embrace social media and use the cost-effective marketing power to increase brand awareness . The goal is to engage with new and existing customers, and grow their profits.

Social media is so vital to small business success, that if a business owner does not have the skillset, time, or energy to use social media effectively, outsourcing their social media management is a strategic move that pays off in the short term – and in the long run. A social media manager can help small business owners create the cohesive look, feel, and presence their business needs to thrive, grow, and expand.

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