Staying Motivated as a First-Time Business Owner

So you’ve started your business and you finally have no boss breathing down your neck telling you what to do; it feels liberating, exciting, and…scary. After spending many years with people above you in the chain of command, finally starting your own business can be a scary time and lots of people allow this to become fear. Today, we want to talk about using all the emotions you’re feeling right now for motivation instead!

Set Goals

Why set goals? Ultimately, they become your destination and the driving force of the business but they also provide you with accountability. With nobody looking over your shoulder, how do you plan to stay accountable for your actions? With goals in place, it becomes easier to get out of bed in the morning.

My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself! – Richard Branson

Write a Plan

Now you have your final destination, how are you going to get there? With a basic plan, you have the direct steps you need to make progress including product development, employees, marketing channels, and more. Although this is pivotal for success, we aren’t going to spend too much time on this topic as you should already have a plan if you’re already in business!

Remember Your Motivation

Although it sounds simple, think back to that special moment where you decided to start a business and keep this in mind. Whenever the tough days come, and there will be tough days, allow yourself to remember why you started and you’ll soon feel motivated once again.

Find a Mentor

Sometimes, we try to do it all alone but this doesn’t have to be the case. Instead, we need to surround ourselves with positive people as well as others who have been in the same position we find ourselves now. For example, why not find a mentor who can give you motivation, inspiration, ideas, guidance, and advice whenever you need it? With the right mentor, they can ensure you keep going through the tough times and stay on the right path for many years to come. In terms of who to choose, this can be anyone in your life or in your field of business. However, they need to feel comfortable with giving honest advice along with having the ability to teach rather than tell. If you find this combination, you can stay motivated for years to come and hopefully reward them with your success.

Talk to Customers

Finally, we recommend talking to your customer because their feedback will remind you of why you started and it will also allow for accountability once again. This, combined with all the other tips we’ve provided, will allow you to remain happy, grow your business, be accountable, and feel proud that you’re managing every single process. Remember, allow your business to grow naturally by hiring help and expanding wherever necessary. Often, people are afraid of this step but all it takes is new goals, an adjusted plan, and the sky will be your limit!

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