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Career transition is one aspect of life that may always be bound to happen. While it may be initiated by failures or success, it can also be as a result of an external factor such as migration, dwindling economy or even government policies. There is always bound to be an emotional and negative feeling associated with such changes. Louis (1980) defines career transition as the period during which an individual is changing roles or changing their orientation to a role already held; thus, the term transition suggests both a process of change and the period during which the change is taking place. There is quite an array of problems people who are going through this phase tend to face.


Adaptability is one of the major issues most individuals passing through a transition tend to face. Most of the time, the newly chosen career may tend to be quite different from the previous career. This can be quite difficult for anyone transitioning because they will have to become accustomed to the rules and regulations peculiar to such new career.

Difficulty in Reclaiming Your Purpose at Work

Switching careers comes with a different purpose and trying to set a new purpose, plan towards it, and reclaiming it can be difficult for anyone. The organizational structure and benefit associated with careers can be quite different and succeed in such career comes with a new strategy which may take some time before being effective.

Anxiety at Work

Anxiety is one of the major issue faced by most people switching careers. There is usually the fear of being able to fit in properly, the anxiety of being able to impress, and also the anxiety of being able to build a great working relationship with others. This is one of the reasons why newbie tends to have a low productivity rate at the beginning.

Finding the Right Job

With a lot of people losing their jobs every minute around the world, finding the right job that suits such move can be a challenging aspect. Most people transitioning may be doing so due to different issue or purposes and getting jobs that grant them and their career goals a smooth acceptance and welcoming may not be feasible. Take, for instance, a Fortune 500 company manager trying to switch career can be sort of difficult because finding a job that suits his portfolio and career growth may never be possible.

Career Transitions Are Usually Complex Decisions to Make

This is so true about career transition. They can be so difficult and involve such a long time of deliberation, research, family discussion, and also mentorship. Sometimes, this transition may entail moving into a better position, moving to a new geographical location or even transitioning into retirement. It usually involves a lot of planning and discussion with the right people if you want it to be as smooth as possible for you.

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