Take a fresh look at your future. Seek Control.

January means most people are on some type of “fresh start” kick. Working out, eating right, reading more, learning a new language, etc…. They all share a common theme: making a person feel better in some way, shape, or form.

This is also a great time to focus us on career goals. Probably something that should be revisited multiple times a year anyway. Always dangerous for me to assume, but do you have goals you are targeting? Are you focused on compensation or a promotion or both?

The real question will be “Do you actually have any control of reaching your goals?” Often, your chances are left to the whims of senior management. Look to your left, look to your right… everyone is probably after that brass ring. The reality may be there are fewer brass rings than you think.

Control is the real root of the issue

  1. Many think they have it.
  2. Most don’t have it.
  3. Few are prepared when they finally realize they don’t have it.  (i.e. after their position is eliminated)

Control can be found in business ownership. Franchise business ownership is a great place to start as you would be partnering with proven brands that provide operational support and training to bring the concept to market fast.

Can you do this while maintaining your current employment?  ABSOLUTELY. Over the past decade, more and more franchise systems have been rolling out semi passive or investor models. These concepts are specifically designed for the investor to place a manager to oversee day-to-day operations. This is how people are able to own multiple units or even multiple brands. This type of strategy is focused on catering to executives that want to:

  1. Add a layer of diversification to their revenue streams.
  2. Prepare for an eventual exit strategy from their current career.
  3. Fine tune leadership and management skills that some have never used.
  4. Or simply hedge against #3 above.

The truth is few ever take the time to honestly consider, let alone investigate, opportunities that may be a great fit. Why not make a “fresh start” and learn more? You don’t need to do it alone. Contact me with your questions.

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