"Brennan has opened my eyes to the opportunities that franchising offers a working professional to grow additional sources of revenue more so than traditional investment routes like real estate or stock investments. From giving me a breadth of opportunities to evaluate, to making introductions to brands, to helping widdle down the best opportunities for me, he has really been open to making the experience tailored to me. The materials and steps in working through the process are great for helping a new franchisee owner embark on their journey. As I grow my current franchise to be successful, I will look to Brennan for some of the next opportunities."

Saket N, Charlotte, NC

"Brennan and I worked together to find my next role as a franchise owner. His process was very useful in narrowing down opportunities to ones that fit my criteria. His videos and early coaching were great, and very on point. If you are seeking a potential career change, and are interested in taking control of your professional life through business ownership, Brennan is a great resource."

Matthew D, Boulder, CO

"Brennan was very helpful in opening my eyes to the possibility of franchise ownership. He also provided a tool to best align your experience and interest that will match you up to the best available options and franchises based on your results. Great tool and overall experience. If you are thinking of owning a franchise or want to learn more about this type of career opportunity, Brennan was great to work with and will provide expert guidance and direction to his clients."

Joseph B, Jersey City, NJ

"Brennan really helped me decide, first, if I wanted to become a business owner and, second, how to find the right franchise opportunity. There are a lot of dimensions to finding the right one. He guided me through them and was always available when I had questions. He was very organized, eloquent, and professional. If you're looking for an authentic person who will listen to you and provide you tailored opportunities that really coincide with your personality, Brennan will help you immensely!"

Jason T, Vancouver, WA

"Brennan is the real deal! His professional, systematic process helps you walk through the process of learning what you need, want, and can handle in a franchise. I did not expect to learn so much about myself—the diagnostic testing was a huge value add. If you want to find the right fit with a franchise, Brennan can get you there!"

Todd B, Plano, TX

“I met Brennan while researching and purchasing my The NOW franchise. He is very knowledgeable about franchising and business startups. He was a key resource for me, not only during the onboarding process but throughout my training and during the early stages of my business. Most importantly, Brennan has a servant’s heart. He was always there whenever I needed guidance or just needed to bounce ideas off of someone. My experience with Brennan was outstanding.”

Brian W, Tampa, FL

"Recently, I had the opportunity to research the franchise experience. Although my family has decided not to pursue a franchise at this stage in our lives, the overall experience was extremely positive. For those that may be interested in learning more about franchising, I highly recommend Brennan Davis. He is a superb professional and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge on the subject. It was a pleasure to work with him."

Larry C, Roanoke, TX

“Mr. Davis and I work on franchise opportunities together. He has great communication skills and incredible insight into the world of franchises. I've enjoyed working with him.”

Brendan P, Texas